Introducing: Little Johnny Compton!
Race: Serious Whitebread Waspy Stuff
Sector: WEST L.A. (mostly)
Born on: Saggital Zone, ' 55
At: Good Samaritan Hospital L.A.
Weight: 8 lbs., 7oz.   
Hair Color: Brown
Combined SAT: 1210 (MENSA 1300 Min) Shit
They didn't have practice smarty buks then. Dam.

Grades Skipped: Last half of 2nd and 8th grades
Owned a Schwinn Stingray: YES, Several
Been there - did that: Yes! With CHICKS!
ok Now leave me alone.

Most effective contraceptive: ALCOHOL
Run and Skip and Jump around: Eva' Day!
Rips at: Word Games and Bicycling
How much fun does a Priest have:  Nun
Can quote in Latin: Hell Yes Semper ubi sub ubi
Guilty Pleasure: South Park and Squidbillies
Son or Daughter of a Nixon Republican: YES
Met Tommy Chong: Yes, but he didn't remember

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John Compton is an L.A. native and former
Technical writer and Bio-Med engineer who
started his own computer service company in
1986 after developing a solid foundation in
high tech support and service.

USC Pre-Med Dropout at 18
First Aerospace job at 21
First Biomedical job at 25
Self Employed at 30 to Present

Completed San Gorgonio, Mt. Whitney,
Colorado River Rapids and 42 day cross
country bus tour by age 17.
Have Visited all but 10 States or so

EUROLAND Etc. Tell u over beer.

Technical Career Highlights   
Worked at B1-A factory, toured Airframe and
solid Ti Swing-wing
pivot at Rockwell Int'l
Tech wrote at SBRC's semi-conductor
facility where military and spacecraft infra-red
sensors are produced
as well as Reagan
era Star Wars
Anti-Missile optics systems.
* Serviced heart and vital sign equipment on
24hr schedule for local
Biomed Vendor
working in
ICU-CCU/Burn units, open heart
surgery suites
and other critical care units.
* Co-developed state of the art contact
manager application (pre-windows)  using
* Setup interactive Bulletin Board approx 6
years before the Internet
Attend annual CALTECH lecture seminars
since the 60's, have seen Nobel prize
Pauling, Feynman & many others.
Tip: Early bird gets the Do-Nuts. Overheard:
"Billy Stop jumping near the seismograph"